Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Springtime Trees, Oil Pastel Painting

Springtime Trees, © Copyright 2018 by Sheryl Karas
The first painting I did as a child that I truly loved was an Impressionist style oil pastel of trees in the forest in the Fall. (I still have that one more than 50 years later and still like it!) So this piece harkens back to those early days, only this time the subject is Springtime. Trees on the edge of a sunlit clearing bursting with flowers and life on the Chico State campus made me feel happy. So I did this painting of it in oil pastel on a sanded and lightly textured ground on panel. Like many of the pieces in this series, I'm doing the opposite of what many people advise: the usual advice is to simplify. Instead I combined multiple impressions of the same scene, making it more dynamic and complex—and real in the sense of what it meant to me! The original is available. It is 12" x 12" mounted on a 16" x 16" panel painted black. Contact me for more details. Prints and other printed items made from this piece are available in my Etsy shop.