Sunday, May 13, 2018

Awareness (Berries, Leaves and Flower Buds)

Awareness -- © 2018 by Sheryl Karas
I'm finding working with oil pastel very challenging but fun! This is my latest. I'm calling it "Awareness" because it's what I became aware of AFTER I tripped on the raised up sidewalk because I was lost in some internal drama! I'm exploring the intersection of multiple images lately in some of my work. I'm interested in the multiple levels of reality we can be aware of if we're paying attention at all, the variety of impressions our brains pick up on whether we're consciously aware or not. In this case it was the sidewalk, the sky, overhanging branches, berries, leaves and flower buds.

Contact me about the original. Prints on canvas are available in my Etsy shop.