Saturday, January 14, 2023

Orange and White Rabbit in the Moonlight

Orange and White Rabbit in the Moonlight

This was also an early experiment with Midjourney AI. I was working with the idea of a rabbit in the moonlight in a bed of plants in the shape of carrots—as if the trees and plants were carrots above ground. Most of these experiments did not work out because the idea "did not compute" but I liked this one. The flowers look like carrots and that's almost on purpose. (I wanted the trees to be carrots.) But it's pretty cute this way!

This took a fair amount of handwork to get rid of the extra feet Midjourney seems to like to add in. The number of fingers and toes, legs, hands or arms can be nightmarish in effect. And somewhat inexplicable when it gets so much of the rest of what it produces right —in fact, downright gorgeous in some cases!

I have this available as prints on a variety of surfaces and a few products on Fine Art America.

I think it also looks good on a tile jewelry boxsquare notebook, tote bag, and kid's t-shirts on Zazzle.